Research achievements book

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CG Works by Kunio KONDO


[1] 1973-1988: CG-works-No1(90.6MB) at Nagoya University

1. Curve, Bezier Curve and Transformation
2. Photo Montage Perspective
3. Polyhedron & Stereo Graphics
4. Line drawing for 3D shape rendering
5. Interactive Rendering system with Shading
6. Interactive Rendering system for 3D shape
7. 3D modeling from Perspective drawing

[2] 1989-2006: CG-works-No2(50.8MB) at Saitama University

1. Non Photorealistic Rendering
2. Sketch Interpreter for Geometric Modeling
3. Geometric Modeling
4. Kansei Information processing and Color Scheme Design
5. CG Education

[3] 1989-2006: CG-works-No3 (77.0MB) at Saitama University

1.1 Motion Filter
1.2 Keyframe Extraction
1.3 Cartoon Blur

[4] 2007-2020: CG-works-No4 (151.0MB) at Tokyo University of Technology

1. Non Photorealistic Rendering
2. CG Animation

[5] 2007-2020: CG-works-No5 (45.7MB) at Tokyo University of Technology

1. DREAM process for Digital Character Making
2. Color Scheme Scrapbook and Simulation
3. Character silhouette template and Scrapbook
4. Facial Expression Scrapbook
5. Stylized character design and Deformation
6. 3D Collage for Robot Design and Acanthus pattern
7. Acanthus Pattern for 3D Decor Modeling

[6] 2007-2020: CG-works-No6 (30.8MB) at Tokyo University of Technology

1. Digital Lighting Scrapbook and Lighting Simulation
2. Registration and search method for lighting scheme support system
3. Direction Aided Light Set for 3DCG Production
4. Lighting Scrapbook for Eye Guidance
5. Lighting Color Scrapbook
6. Lighting Analysis of Oil painting
7. Landscape Lighting Scrapbook
8. Cut Scrapbook for Direction
9. Cut Scrapbook for Camerawork Design
10. Digital Scene Simulation